Saturday, 13 August 2011

Vicki you are a Star

I take my hat off to Vicki Dillon the lady who was filmed as she tried to cope with her Parkinson's and the addictions that her medication has given her.
Being diagnosed at 35 must have been devastating, I at least had another 20 years without Parky.
Her story was told on channel 4 last night, as I had been away for a couple of days I watched it on the computer.
I am in awe of her, she must be pushing herself to the limit, not only is she still working as a paediatric nurses she then goes home to her husband and 2 boys.
I have read her blog which she writes on the Wobbly Williams site, and I am sure she was the inspiration for my own Parky blog.
I had been told by friends that the program was being shown last night and being a bit cowardly at the moment as I am trying to cut down on my requip, I wasn't sure if I could cope with it.
I am really glad I did, even if it was just to verify that I am not completely boncus.
I know I must get my head around the fact that I have to sort my pills out. I have been on a lower dose for 13 days, I seem to be coping well, maybe a little stiff when I am getting near to the time when I need my other medication.
So now a big decision is tomorrow the day that I take the next step and reduce them again ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

read Vicki's blog

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  1. Hi! I was diagnosed with PD a year ago (I'm 55) and am on two low dosage Requips at 7am, 11;15am, and 4:30pm. What makes you want to decrease the dose? (Last night I took an extra one around 8pm and felt like I was on a slippery slope to Med Hell, which I;ve heard terrifying stories about. Hallucinations, etc.