Wednesday, 17 August 2011

True Blue Day

Yesterday was a one up for Parky, felt like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.t
It was one of those times when life seemed so damn difficult that I just wanted to cry.
To be truthful that is what I did several times.
I rang the Parkinson's help line and was helped by the soothing words of one of there nurses. She talked common sense which is what I was very much in need of.
I later got myself organised and went on the bus into Skegness, having done banking and such I went to the supermarket. I realised I had not as yet eaten, why I had missed out on food heaven only knows, well I say I hadn't but I do seem to remember a few squares of chocolate passing my lips.
I grabbed a bight in the café and then ambled around the store as I was no longer hungry nothing looked worth while getting.
I got a few things and then went to the till, I must have looked a bit naff as the guy on the till got me to sit down while he sorted every thing out.
Isn't it brilliant that there are a lot of very nice people about, who go the extra mile at the drop of a hat and through there kindness life seems so much easier to live.

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