Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I have printed out a copy of this Blog ever since I started and put them in an album, This one will bring me to the end of the book, what a lot has gone on, I can't believe that I have kept this going.
Have I managed to do what I set out to do? Well I am not quite sure, so maybe I will carry on with my ramblings, who knows book 2 maybe on the cards.
I have a new follower to my blog, so I clicked on the link to see who it was. The Person calling himself DAD you are very welcome but you did give me a bit of scare. I lost my Dad last year and to say we were very close is a bit of an understatement.
Now I know that even if he was still here, he would have found it impossible to turn a computer on let alone be a follower of anything, but it did make me feel good to see Dad following me.
I seem to be living in no man’s land, a place between elation and desperation.
How do I feel now that I have reduced my requip slightly?
A lot of the time I feel lethargic a sort of not caring if jobs get done.
Have I had any of the old symptoms back?
Perhaps I have, I was given it in the first place because of down time, a wearing off of my four times a day drugs. Now I can tell that it is getting very near time, My legs feel as if I am wading through water, not all the time so I am grateful for that
Do I regret starting out doing it?
Maybe from time to time, should I have let the sleeping dog lie? That remains to be seen.
I wonder how many people are doing the same as me?
My friend J gave me a talking too, I think after watching Vicki on TV she has been wondering how to approach me, well I let her in and talked to her. Admitted a few things and for probably one of the first times listened to her.
She is convinced that I have been fighting so hard to control Parky that I haven't grieved for what he has taken away from me, and WHAM BANG I think she maybe right.
I want ME back, is that really to much to ask for!!!

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