Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Requip Bull by Horns

I seem to be managing the cut down of my Requip, perhaps half the battle is convincing myself that I will not be opening the doors wide to My Mate Parky.
I think the ongoing fear of becoming a shaky stiff being has held me back, I have read lots of things about the side effects and know my drowsiness is not as bad since I cut down 4mg from my morning dose.
I am on slow release so have gone from 20mg to 16mg, after seeing the Dr. (that is my new Dr) this morning I am now going to cut down by 2mg.
I am also on Stelevo 4 times a day and to be fair I haven't always taken the forth one if I have got a bit late, so as the Requip goes down I am making sure that I take the four doses.
I have had a few stiff times but I think I may be a bit to blame, I am not the best of time keepers, so it usually is a wakeup call to pop a pill.
Perhaps if I try mind over matter and stop myself looking on the black side.
Just think how rich I will be when I stop my spending and how fit I will be when I am going to bed at a respectable time.
With a bit of luck I won't become a bit of a bore who gives up risk taking all together, NOOOOOOOOOOOO I can't see that happening to me.
My New toy is a hot tub, now that is spending!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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