Monday, 12 September 2011

Less Stress

I don't know if it is wishful thinking but since I have cut down on my Requip, I feel much more alert and have been told I sound it.
I have been doing more housework which is a bonus, I don't know if it the relief that Parky has not come rushing back, or that I was probably on a higher dose than I needed.
The dosage was set when I was trying to cope with a lot of stress, as that has altered could it be that I didn't need the amount I was on.
I am now the owner of a hot tub and go in several times a day, I don't always have the jets going, in fact I like it best when just laying back in the peace and quiet.
I have gone down the no chemical rout and it seems that I have seaweed to thank for that, still what the heck its better than chlorine.
So perhaps the tub is my stress beater, that is until I get the electricity bill.
If things stay as good as I feel at the moment, I may just stay at this level for the time being.
I may even try Face Book again so that I can catch up with friends. I don't have to play games do I?

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