Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My Update

I have been getting rid of emails, I don’t know why I leave them to accumulate and then see I have quite a lot. I dare not get rid on block as I can’t remember if I have read them properly or looked and decided that I will look at them later.
I have found one that asks me why I think I need to reduce my requip, so very sorry but I haven’t got the hang of replying, via the blog.
I think this will end up as an update blog.
First I think the cutting down of the requip is something I should have thought about earlier, I am much more alert and have had comments to that affect. Parky only appears when I am getting ready for the next pill, so that makes sure I don’t forget.
The second thing is that my cold seems to have gone thank goodness, must have been the hot chocolate with whiskey. Much better than cough medicine, plus I really have no idea what I can take with the rest of my pills.
Then of course I am making a lot of use of the hot tub, its pure heaven. I don’t know if I like it best first thing in a morning when I roll out of bed as stiff as a board, and I mean roll, it’s a good job I’m by myself as the grunting and groaning goes on for a while, or last thing at night when I am laid in it looking at the stars and feeling warm and relaxed. That takes a lot of beating.
This coming Sunday I am going to Ireland for a few days with our local holiday club, just what I need a 5 am start to the day. I don’t think I ever know when to pill pop on a day like that. Fortunately the lady that runs it lives three doors away and the coach picks up at her door, how’s that for convenience? I am thinking of turning up with a blanket, eye pads, ear plugs, and a teddy bear.
But before that is my self-help meeting, after having my hair cut, followed by and of all things my boobs are to be squashed as I have a mammogram on Saturday.
Just thought I would let you know as of today my money is still in cyberspace, well what did I expect? Did I really think the good old credit card company could move money from one account to another instantly?  It’s just you and I can do that when internet banking. Gosh I must be very thick.


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