Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Double Fire

I have been thinking of the last few blogs and wondered when my blogging changed from being light hearted to being just a bit of a moan.
So from here on I have decided to find the me that goes with my birth sign.
According, to my star sign I am a fun loving party person, now all I need is a party. I am also a traveller well that’s fine with me.
In China I am a Pig this I was told was a very lucky sign, one of our guides told me she had purposely planned her daughter to be born in the year of the pig.
I was a bit sceptical when told how lucky I was. Having Parky didn't feel very lucky to me, but it seems that as a pig people will come to my aid.
I know I try to fight off any one who dares to suggest I could do with some help, well I think I had better give in with a bit of grace and admit that it's not my fault or even to be fair Parkys fault.
This Sagittarius Pig had better be a bit more gracious and say thank you, instead of giving potential helpers the evil eye.
I have just checked that what I am saying is correct so have fed into the computer Chinese pig and found out that the year I was born makes me a fire pig, well that makes me a double fire sign, how cool is that. ( not cool at all but extremely HOT HOT HOT)

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