Friday, 16 September 2011

Self Help

I seem to be managing alight with taking less requip, I am not saying every one should do it as we all know Parkinsons treats us all very differently.
My fear of Parky taking over my life again has as fare as I can tell not happened.
In fact today I have been on a shopping trip with daughter no 1 and have come back with very little,
excellent for me.
Two nights ago I was in bed and asleep before ten and that was at night.
On the other hand I seem to be less inclined to fall asleep at inappropriate moments. There have been times when I have been having a conversation with someone and I have been fighting to keep my eyes open. I have had some very strange looks, I didn't really find them boring honest.
I am in charge of our next Parkinson's meeting, I have put forward the idea of a self help afternoon.
Anyone who wants to bring anything with them that they think might possibly be of help to others, or any information either to help or wanted.
I am sure that in our small group there is a mind of very useful information, failing that an afternoon of some wacky ideas.
Perhaps I will tell every one to BLOGG.
Who knows Me and My Mate Parky may end up with competition from our own group.

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