Thursday, 22 September 2011

Money in Cyberspace

I know this is totally my fault but I just can't get my head round it.
My credit card was with my bank, as I had been with them a long time I thought I would look for a better deal. So after trying a couple of different ones over a stretch of time and finding them wanting, I decided it would be better the devil you know.
So with my trip to China in mind I went into the bank, applied and was given a new account. The thing is silly me I did not realise that the old one was still open, and as I had destroyed the old card I never gave it a thought.
As I do my banking on line I merrily went along as usual paying chunks off here and there as I thought about it.
Next thing I have a letter telling me they are charging me for late payment, well I was a bit grumpy as I always pay a lot more than is due and as it's interest free at the moment I was kicking myself. Then I get another letter telling me that as I had made no payment this month my card must not be used and I was being charged again. To say steam was coming out of my ears was a slight understatement.
So armed with a printout of my payments I rang the credit card section of the bank, as I am explaining in great detail how I intend to take my custom elsewhere I realise that the transactions that are missing are because I have paid them into the wrong card account. IDIOT.
After several phone calls and a bit of Parky time the money was located and needs to be moved from one to the other.
Now when I press a button on my key board I can transfer money from one of my accounts to another instantly, so how come a bank has to take days to do the same thing and they have to be working days.
Is there a place in cyberspace that looks at the calender and says YIPPI ITS A NON WORKING DAY THE MONEY IS MINE?????????????????????????????

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