Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Thank you Wobbly Williams

First of all for featuring my Blog on your site I was very thrilled to find me there.  Secondly it’s good to see what others have written.
I have read Vicki’s last few Blogs and I‘m pleased to see she is bouncing back from the comments that were made by that Jerk Homes.
I have never liked him and now I know why.
If he had half a brain he would have asked constructive questions, instead he was like a smutty adolescent trying to impress other smutty youths.
After the journey back from Ireland it has taken me a while to sort myself out, I can’t believe that I got so upset that I let Parky in. Well I have made up my mind to calm down and chill.
With that in mind I have used my hot tub as often as I can; last thing at night is wonderful I now go to bed a lot sooner and sleep a lot longer. When I wake up as stiff as a board it just gives me an excuse to go in again.
So this crinkly wrinkly person wants to know if I can get the electric paid for by the National Health Service, or at least a few bars of chocolate to sustain me while those lovely jets of water massage my back.
Sorry am I gloating a little too much.

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