Thursday, 13 October 2011

Medic Alert

I am now the owner of a nice shinny bracelet that informs anyone who may come to my rescue that I have Parkinson’s. I have registered with Medic Alert who can then relay any medical information that may be needed.
So the fact that I am allergic to plasters and can’t take penicillin will be picked up and stop me from the itching I would get from them.
I didn’t think I need to add that Pears soap is also something that will drive me crazy, as the last time I used it I even had spots in my belly button.
The fact that somewhere it is written down that I have Parkinson’s and I need my drugs has gone a little way in bringing me hope that I will get them.
My brain donor number is also on it, which means that should anything untoward happen to me; Parkinson’s have a lot better chance of receiving it. I know many people will be shocked to learn that I still have the use of it from time to time.
So now I can go on my travels with the knowledge that a bright shiny new bracelet will help to keep me safe.
The one I had before had a screw on top that you put in a folded piece of paper, I lost the top. I think it worked itself loose when I filled the pond in. (that’s another story)Then again I really don’t think that had I needed its support anyone would have been able to read what was on that tightly folded piece of paper.

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