Saturday, 1 October 2011

Great Meeting

This is an update on the update.
Fridays get together went very well, everyone was very chatty and I think it made us all realise that without the back up of a Parkinson’s nurse. We need to be there for each other.
Some very good gadgets and one that could be improved on, (that was one of mine) I have a torch type thing that can be hung round the neck.
It has a light on both ends and in the middle is a compartment for two batteries. Mine is so well made that it already has an elastic band holding the cover in place so that the batteries don’t jump out.
Well abracadabra I pulled it out of the bag to show everyone.
First I couldn’t get it too light up, then when I did it wouldn’t turn off, I don’t think anyone will be queuing up to buy.
My absolute favourite gadget is a row of coat hangers on a frame, I can put seven items on it and if it starts to rain all I have to do is take one hanger off the line.
It was very difficult to explain so I have just been in the garden and taken a picture.
Now that reminds me that I need to do ironing as I could do with those trousers for Ireland.
By the way I was fibbing when I said I catch the coach at five in the morning, it’s five thirty. An extra thirty minutes in bed.
Brian Lowe
@MeAndPD Palo Alto, California

Has made a suggestion
“I'm thinking of a website for Parky fun and fitness things...”
Well Brian I think you maybe on to something, I will keep my eyes open for any unusual items.

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