Saturday, 8 October 2011

Thank you "B" My Knight

Was it really Ireland that we travelled back from yesterday?
I was sure we must have travelled half way round the world, and why does everyone on a coach have to get their voices heard asking the most ridicules Questions?
It got to the stage where I was very tempted to stand up and treat them all like naughty children. Put on a very stern voice and insist every on sat still and say nothing.
The hotel we stayed at was on the west coast of Ireland and the ferry we wanted to catch was on the east side.
We set of in reasonable time and even managed a comfort stop, but it seems that the drivers Sat Nav depends on post codes and Ireland has a shortage of them.  Posty knows who’s who so why worry.
Time was getting a bit close owing to road works and Sat Nav, so we were quite relieved when the dock was spotted.  But oh dear it was the wrong port, so after a lot of irate bickering it was suggested we ask a taxi driver to lead the way. This was duly organised and off we set;   but at every set of lights the taxi got through and then they changed to red before we could get through them.
Now I really can’t think what thirty odd back seat drivers can do other that stress the poor driver to breaking point.
After being nudged in the side several times and asked the most stupid questions, Parky decided there was one person he could take control of, I had let my guard down and he came back like he had not done for a long time.
If I could have disappeared into a quiet corner I think I would have been able to take back full control of him.  Instead I seemed to be a the centre and trying desperately to sink fare enough into my seat  so that no one could invade my space and expect me to take sides.
I could feel my face and neck stiffening and I knew that it was only a matter of time until it would get the better of me and I would end up crying.
When the person next me realised the effect it was having on me she then thought cuddling me was a good idea, it might have been at a different time, but not when I was desperately trying to fight Parky. All I wanted was out, so when we managed by some sort of miracle to be let onto the ferry I just escaped as fast as I could.
I didn’t want the upgrade that I had booked as that would have meant the attention of a lot of well-meaning people that I was desperately trying to avoid.
I am aware that I took full advantage of a very nice gentleman that I met on the holiday and for once accepted the help of a knight in shining armour. His gentleness and thoughtfulness helped me to bring Parky back to a form of control, I must thank him as I am not sure if under the stress he realised how much it meant to me.
As he is not a computer nerd like me I doubt that he will see this, perhaps for the best, do I want him to know all about my on-going relationship with Parky. So if you do read this B thank you very much.

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