Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Thank you Parky

Today I had a couple of my Jabs for Peru, in fact one in each arm, and you know what I am feeling fine.
I have been given conflicting information about what I need so I am going for everything to make sure I won’t be turned away from any of the places I want to visit.
I have been on the Just You web site to see what previous travelers have to say, information straight from the horse’s mouth.
My friend has two pairs of my trousers to shorten ready for the trip they are ones that are supposed to ward off insects, I will let you know how I fare when I get back, and the Parkinson nurse I spoke to at Parkinson’s UK told me she swore by Garlic.
As I have already been bit twice in the last few weeks I will take all the advice that I am given. I know I used to give my dog garlic tablets to ward off flees, so if it worked for him then with a lot of luck (fingers crossed plus legs and arms) it just has to work for me.
By the time I go I will have to take a large enough case to fit all my medication in. Parky it’s your fault, without you I wouldn’t need all these potions, but then again would I be going?????????????????
Having a mate like mine has made me do things now that at one time I would have put on the back boiler for a later day. So perhaps I should thank my mate Parky for the traveling I’m doing.

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