Thursday, 19 April 2012


Having a very lazy morning, chilling out watching telly in bed the place looking like it has been burgled and you guessed it I get a visitor.
I have been brought a small snippet from a newspaper about a company called OXFORD BIOMEDICA it seems there shares have gone up by 41 per cent to £5.80 on signs its PROSAVIN drug was moving closer to the Market.
The company founded by two Oxford University professors’ hopes to have found a treatment for Parkinson’s. It seems they have successfully completed clinical trials.
Then in the post is a letter from Parkinson’s UK, giving me a breakthrough report about a gene. The gene in question has the tittle LRRK2 and there is a nice 3D computer image of it.
So does this mean at a later date I could walk away from My Mate Parky, I have got used to him around and in fact I am inclined to blame him for everything. But yes given the chance I would ditch him at a moment’s notice.
I don’t want his interference in my life, I would like to do what I want when I want, and dam him I want to be me again, not the result of my medication. I want to live without the fear of being deprived of meds to the extent that I would not function.
But hay how until that happens everything is all Parky’s fault. In the words of my eldest daughter when she was small, I promise you it wasn’t me I didn’t do it, it was him. Whatever it is.

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