Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dead Computer

My computer won’t turn on it’s as dead as a DODO, I keep wondering into my little bedroom that I use as an office and there it is, very sad.
I have had to do housework which for me is something I only do when needed. I don’t think the place looks any better, just have my piles of things in totally different places that will be good when I have misplaced something very important.
I realise that I have several piles of paperwork, mine to be sorted and filed away. Mums for my daughter to sort out when she gets home, family tree stuff and finally Parkinson’s paperwork from our local support group.
Now as I am not red hot at looking after my own stuff it will take a miracle to sort out all the piles, not only that there are things that don’t want to go into any of my four piles and I am reluctant to start another one.
My late husband used to say that when I tidied up all I did was make a couple of extra piles, well I’m trying Jim honest.
It would have been his birthday on the 9th I can’t believe I have been without him for nearly eleven years.
I have a photo on the side of Jim and my Dad; it’s a really good one of them both, well its gone skew whiff in the frame. Spooky or what ???????????????
Back to the subject I started with, my sick computer. For once in my life I have taken out one of those service plans so fingers crossed a man who can will come and mend it tomorrow.
That’s what started the cleaning, I had to make sure the poor person who has to go into my office doesn’t get lost and not be able to find their way out. Maybe I have that wrong it would be good to have an engineer trapped, just look at all the things I could get mended.

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