Wednesday, 25 April 2012

No Swearing

Now I have had time to reflect on my going back to Requip I find myself slightly torn. I know I am doing more and the stiffness I was getting has thankfully been a thing of the past.
I am most of the time more alert; I am also finding that I can manage with one less Stalevo which I had been taking four times a day. It is only on long days like when I want to party that I take the fourth.
So why the hesitation? 
I have to admit that on a couple of nights I haven’t gone to bed at all, I know its blooming crazy I even tell myself to go to bed but I have a habit of ignoring myself.
Sorry T but I have also done a bit of gambling, I also know that by admitting this in my blog that I will have the full force of daughter number one down on me.
Why can’t I be more sensible?
Do I have to make the choice between being active and broke or having a bob or two and not being able to get around?
If anyone is doing trials and wants a volunteer put me down for it, I want to get to grips with what’s happening to me is that too much to ask?
I have said all along that things could be worse I could be diabetic and not be able to have my chocolate fix. I have nearly finished the huge bar that my youngest brought back from New York for me, thank you K.
I think it is time I found other things to do with my life instead of sitting here all the time, force myself to turn my computer off, can I reach for the off button. Better finish this first, then perhaps HOUSEWORK.
You see I have now resorted to swearing, I will be talking about ironing next or even heaven forbid cleaning windows. Just off to wash my mouth out with soapy water.

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