Saturday, 21 April 2012

Black Tie Bit of a Do

At the moment I am sat at my computer with a towel round me wondering how soon to get myself glammed up.
I am also eating a jacket potato as it has not long dawned on me that I haven’t had anything to eat today, well perhaps the odd square of chocolate has passed my lips.
My friend and I have tickets for the fire brigades money raising bit of a do, it’s a black tie evening so we thought it would give us the opportunity to get dressed up.
I do like to get into something a bit special once in a while, makes it something out of the ordinary. Let’s hope there will be a bit of dancing, and you never know a nice fireman to dance with, well I can dream can’t I.
So let’s hope that my Mate Parky can resist the temptation to come with me, what’s the chance of me sneaking out without him?
Well that’s it time to find my war paint, and those nicks that hold everything in, I will leave the breathing until I get home so PARTY TIME.

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