Sunday, 14 April 2013

I can't let Parky win the war

Monday I am escaping on a coach trip for five days, I am counting down the hours.
I know that Parky has come back into my life with as much force as he can. I’m stiff a lot of the time I scared the cr__ out of myself when I felt myself fighting sleep as I was driving home after visiting my mum in hospital.
I had the window down and Queen playing quite loud, even tried singing to make sure I was safe I know that I will have to leave the car at home till Parky gives me a break.
BUM BUM BUM I just hate not being in control.
I thought I was winning the fight but it seems that at the moment Parky is winning the war.
There is defiantly no chance of a stress free life and Parky feeds on stress. I should not have got so clever thinking there was a way of getting the upper hand.
The D.V.D. I ordered arrived today Qi gong for beginners.
First it was a fight to get in the case then second I have lost the remote for the d v d player, what am I like? Never mind when I can watch it properly I may just have found my fighting gloves I can’t let Parky win the war


  1. Parky will never win. Why, it does not define you, or your legacy.

  2. Thank you Bob you have made me stop and think

  3. Keep up your blog. Your thoughts and writings are insightful. I appreciate your honesty. We all have to keep ourselves looking at the positives (and there are always many, though sometimes they may be hiding!)

  4. Thank you, I must admit I had wondered if Parky as a blog had seen better days. With coments like yours I know I have to find the hiding place