Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sunshine Make me Smile

I have been in my garden today and am really glad I didn’t move, there may be a tad more garden than I can cope with but at least I have my sanctuary.
I even got round to cutting the hedge, not that there is much to cut but at least now I can see the fields instead of just hedge.
I have my hot tub up and running again so I had my first taste of lovely soothing water last night before bed and I intend to do the same tonight. The trouble is when I get in I don’t want to get out so look out for the prune that will be me.
I hate to say this but I have stayed away from my mums so as to deter Parky, I feel very guilty but its self-preservation. I am still not driving as I’m not sure of myself; I was fighting to stay awake on the bus the other day so I better wait until Parky releases his control.
I have found my bit of seaweed that was in my shoe after my escapade on the Isle of White, it is now in a SD case so who knows it could be my lucky charm. I will defiantly blog it if I win the lotto or maybe not as I will be too busy traveling. I should be so lucky.  

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