Sunday, 28 April 2013

Parky Good or Bad

I’m not sure I should be writing this at the moment as I am feeling a bit off. Everything seems too much trouble and I don’t want to do anything.
I think Parky has taken up residence and I wonder how life will work out. I am not usually downbeat but today it would have been nice to climb into a nice cosy spot and disappear.
I am so tired of fighting; I feel my life has lurched from one crisis to another.
That’s it stop your moaning girl (well woman) it’s time to get positive.
Parky has introduced me to a lot of friends, in fact I have done things that I never would have done without him. I have Sky Dived, taken a trip to China and Peru, and of course written this blog.
He may make me stiff, he may make me robotic. He stops me from dancing and stops me driving from time to time, this being one of those times.
Maybe it’s the fact that I feel a little bit trapped by him, so is this a taste of things to come. I know I have been lucky up to now but just sometimes I am stopped in my tracks and can’t help wondering what will happen to me if Parky wins the war?

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