Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Parky's Robot

Is it possible to have a stress free life????????????????
Although I have popped my pills on time I am sat here doing my impression of a robot. I am not sure what exactly caused the change. Maybe my 90 year old mums stay in hospital with the added fact that we don’t know if she will be fit enough to come home. Plus the fact that we don’t know if we would be able to cope if she does.
Yesterday was the 9th of April and it would have been Jims 65th birthday, it sort of stops you in your tracks to realise you have been a widow for 12 years. I wonder how things would have been if he had been able to stay with me.
What would he have thought to my mate Parky and would I have done this Blog if he was still here? Maybe not who knows.
Would life have been less stressful if I still had him to lean on?
Today by chance I saw the McMillan Nurse who was such a help to me in Jim’s final year, without her I am sure I would not have managed.
That’s it moan over, 12 years as a widow has taught me many things, first and foremost this is not a practice it’s the real thing.
Second I am now aware of my limitations even though I am useless at telling family and friends that I need help.
Third Life is unpredictable so it’s best to take the blinkers off and look it square in the face

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