Thursday, 4 April 2013

Parky Had Had Enough

Medication was coming down but my 90 year old Mother is causing some stress. I ended up going with her bank holiday Monday to the accident and emergency at the Pilgrim hospital Boston. Many local hospitals no longer have these departments, so when you get there it’s a bit of a meat market. People on trollies lining up down corridors waiting first for the nurse to do there bit then into another corridor to be seen by the Doctor. We had absolutely no idea where we were in the queue and only found out later there a small kitchen to make a drink.
After about three and a half hours I felt Parky starting to protest, I started to roll at about knee level and I knew I was very close to tears.  Suddenly I could not cope at all it was all too much when eventually I was spotted it suddenly became Mums turn.
It does seem ridicules in this day and age that there is no way of communicating to all the lines of trollies what is happening. No one minds that it will be changed for emergencies and Children but give us a bit of a clue.
She was admitted and two days latter is still in so I didn’t spend time there just for fun on a bank holiday. I may be terribly wrong but there were a few times when I wondered if we were being ignored. I’m sure at one point I heard her name mentioned as next in line only to find an hour later that I must have been dreaming.
Finally after she was seen I then had to get home as I had gone in the ambulance with her it ment ringing friends which I am extremely thankful for. Heaven help anyone who hasn’t got a car owning friend

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