Monday, 28 February 2011

Early Morning Nonsense

Well its early hours of the morning and I am doing what most of Parky’s Mates do sitting at my computer with all sorts of nonsense going round in my head.
Thanks to Paula Page on twitter I have Morecambe and Wise tunes going round in my head, thank you Paula.
I have the dentist again in the morning so really should be in bed getting my beauty sleep , poor man is going to be close enough to fall into my wrinkles.
Another tooth bights the dust, so one less to hurt.
If I have much more work done I think it will be a case of selling my body, mind you very difficult when I still need to finish at the dentist.
Forgot can’t sell it as I have donated my brain to the Parkinson brain bank, gosh who would have thought in this time of economic crisis my brain is the one thing that a bank would want?
I just realised I don’t make Dopamine; I’m short of Serotonin so have to have my happy pills. But if I get stung by an insect my body goes absolutely ballistic making Histamine, so at the sight of a pin prick on me it’s all hands to the deck to find where I put the Antihistamine.  
These two ladies are also writing about Parkinson’s both from different angles, and are well worth a read.
Well it’s goodnight from me and a good night from Parky.

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