Thursday, 24 February 2011

Parkinson Competition

I have decided to enter the Mervyn  Peake  competition which is open to anyone who has Parkinson’s. I have thought about it several times over the last few years but end up doing my usual thing of forgetting it until it’s too late.
There are four categories available to enter
Photography, Poetry, Art, Digital Art.
I am going for it all sections minus the Art, as I am absolutely pants at that. How the heck do you get what is an awesome idea from your brain down to your fingers and believe me I was pants even before My Mate Parky.  
I have written a poem and it has set me of. I have started to think in rhymes I can’t get the darn idea out of my head.
Now I am trawling through all my photo’s that I have on my computer and also on discs, which takes forever as I find myself going off into a trance as I remember things that I have done. I have printed one or two out so will take them to our Parkinson meeting tomorrow and ask for everyone’s thoughts.
Anyone wanting to enter has until the 31st March, you can only enter one in each section, but hey as they say you have to be in it to win it.

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