Wednesday, 2 February 2011

More D.I.Y.

I am slowly getting my shower room sorted though I find it a bit frustrating. How come those waste pipes don’t fit back???????????????
What can I do to make a piece of wood fit tight but get it under the shower tray??????????
Why did I not get an extra piece of wood?????????????
Why did I start???????????
I am sure it’s not as hard as I am making it out to be, I have got to at least sort out the plumbing so that I can have a shower.
I find it much easier to shower than to have a wash down as Parky is inclined to hold my hand and stop me reaching the most important places. But when it comes to having a shower boy can I whoop Parky, I am in and out so fast he can’t annoy me. If he is being very persistent I even have a seat that pulls down from the wall. I don’t like to use it that often as I would stay in there for hours just feeling the water hitting my body. That would put the water and heating bills up.
I think my tool kit needs a few extra tools but the trouble is made worse by the fact that when I get to the shop I can’t remember which ones or even what for. I know I should make a list but the said list would only gets left at home.

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