Saturday, 12 February 2011

60's 70's or 80's

Saturday night I will be going to a bit of a do where the theme is 60's 70's and 80's. Fancy dress is optional, but I have decided to give it a go.
So what era shall I portray? I have always said that I I'm a child of the sixties so it looks like that's my era, but gosh what a difference there will be. I was seven and a half stone dripping wet all those years ago, I don't feel I am overweight but more towards the ten and a half so will I be able to get away with a short skirt? Of course I will wear some nice thick leggings, us grannies need our dignity in tact.
The one thing I am sure of is that I am going to hit that dance floor, if Parky puts in an appearance he will be given his marching orders. I don't want him with me at all but I guess it would take a miracle to keep him away. Just thinking about his interference makes me cross, how dare he make the things I enjoy most so very difficult.
Most people when they meet me have no idea that he's my friend, so I am very fortunate in that respect, but it doesn't stop me from time to time hating him for the control that he exerts over me.
So until he waves that magic wand of his I will dance and dance and dance a little more.

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