Thursday, 10 February 2011

Update Time

Well a lot has happened since my last blog, so no particular subject this time.
I am still in the throes of D.I.Y. I haven’t finished the shower room yet, but the bits of wood seem to be the right size just need to do some varnishing before I join things together.
I am hoping that the shower it’s self is now water tight!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been away for a couple of days so it has given the goo time to goo if you see what I mean. I think I will go and check it now while I think about it.
Whooppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the goo worked.
So varnish wood and assemble, how easy this woodworking lark is. WE’LL SEE
I have been looking up information about my family tree; it’s like trying to do a huge jigsaw, when someone has hidden lots of the pieces. I must say it’s very exciting when you realise that one of the pieces you really wanted has turned up.
As yet none of my ancestors had a friend called Parky, but who knows I may stumble on one when I am looking for something else.

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