Monday, 14 February 2011

Not a Valentine

Well that’s my Valentine day gone, no cards no chocolate and no roses.
It’s difficult to say whether I am upset or not, I like to receive these gifts but I’m not sure I do “Love”.
I find it difficult when someone says I love you, how the heck do they know and why? What the heck is this love thing anyway and the other thing is am I really capable of being in love or have I shut the door so that I can safeguard myself.
Do I use Parky as a defence and ram him down everyone’s throats so that  they end up backing off, or is it one divorce and then being widowed that has left me scared witless when it comes to emotional commitments.
I think maybe I live in hopes that there is still Mr Right waiting in the wings, but gosh would anyone put up with my mate.

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