Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I actually made it to the U.3.A. meeting this morning after several times of suddenly realising that the day had gone and I hadn’t.
Well I am so pleased that I went, so many things going on, I am going walking next week, then there is a Genealogy course at the library, so many things I didn’t know where to start.
Some very friendly people as well, so I am looking forward to jumping in with both feet.
There was a speaker from the Marie Curie charity; his enthusiasm for his job was indeed catching I’m sure a lot of people would have contributed to his fund raising.
The nurses do an excellent job; they came and sat with my dad overnight so that mum could have some rest, so it was a bit of tummy turner when he started to talk.
This afternoon I have been for a Pamper, the local college where my friend works on administration has a hair and beauty section. They want guinea pigs to have some of the treatments, so just to help them out I had a facial, oh my will I do that again? You bet your life I will.
The young lady who was doing it was so nice she was very gentle and the only thing that worried me was that I would fall asleep and disgrace myself by snoring. I told her to give me a nudge or drop something if I did.
So all in all a good day

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