Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Parky Day

My mate Parky showed up at the dentists, I thought I could handle it by myself, but bum he had to put his oar in.
I had my car in the car park and was all set to drive myself home, but I could feel him he was making me feel odd (I know I am odd but this was odder).
I tried ringing my daughter several times, she had completely forgotten that she had volunteered her services and gone out for the day.
I do hate giving in to Parky, but I knew I was not able to concentrate well enough to drive home and it would have been really stupid of me to take a risk.
So in a way he was in control again. (Bum bum bum)
I have a very good friend who I rang and bless her she came to the rescue. I still have lots of work to be done at the dentists so I think I had better resort to going on the bus and leaving my little car at home.
I did tell my dentist that I had nothing against him personally I just hated all DENTISTS; he said that the two people in life that most people hated was the dentist and the tax man.
What did I have done????
I had one taken out and was even asked if I wanted it, they have to ask now as it’s a bit of you and belongs to you. Well something like that, my answer of course was no thank you.
My daughter did come and see me when she got home bringing me some flowers and then getting my car home for me. Poor girl she was mortified.

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