Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sleep like a Log

I have had a couple of lazy days, going through family tree paperwork, I must start throwing away all the scraps and extra printouts that I have done over the years.
My front room was at one point covered in piles of paper but I think Parky was fed up as I didn’t seem able to get things into any order.
So at ten last night I gave in and went to bed, I felt as if I had done a day’s hard labour. I slept like a log only to wake up feeling like one. I was set solid and it took me a while to get myself turned over in bed.
I think I must lay in one position most of the night, which means I lock into it, I feel about 90 when I go to move.
I bet Parky enjoys the sight of me trying to do contortions as I ease myself out of bed, it would be much better if he learned to give me a massage, how good would that be. Everyone would want a mate called Parky.

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