Saturday, 15 January 2011


I want to dedicate this to you.
I am very fortunate that over the years I have been blessed with good friends, those people you see from time to time and pick up where you left off.
They are as comfortable as your favourite pair of shoes but last even longer.  Those ones who have known me pre Parky and still know me with Parky and cope with him too.
I am going to stay with one such couple who I met about 45 years ago; I was introduced to them when on the very first date with the man who was to become my first husband.  Even though I have divorced him and lost another husband to cancer, the friendship that was formed all those years ago has been something I treasure.
It doesn’t matter how long we go without contacting each other I know that I can pick up the phone and say I’m coming. There is always a warm welcome and a spare bed.
I may have to play around with their computer to fix something that’s not working, but heck I enjoy doing it and I feel quite chuffed if I manage to get it right.
She and I can do girly things and as we both like to go to the theatre that might be an option this week. Sometimes I nick the husband, (helps to get him out of her hair) in fact he went with me when I was trying to find family tree information. He said he had never seen anyone so excited about finding a grave stone.
He has often told me I am too independent for my own good, and over the years has given me lots of advice. In the early years this was done after a few pints, and if I had understood just a little of what he was saying I may not have married his friend. WOW that would have made my life totally different.
They have been my bolt hole; I can’t say my calm in a storm as sometimes it’s more hectic at their house than mine. I even know that if things were really bad they would make room for me to live with them.
So if I had a glass of something sparkling I would raise it to you, and all those other friends I have yet to mention.

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