Thursday, 6 January 2011

Stiff Day

Was it the thought of putting Christmas decorations back in the roof that enabled Parky to get a grip on me? Perhaps he likes cards all round the place and it does look a little bare now that the twinkling light of the fibre optic trees have been boxed away for next year.
I have said it for several years that my idea of heaven is to escape for Christmas and New Year; I would love to go on a cruise. Nice food nice dancing and shows, all while being looked after and seeing something different when you wake up in a morning.
I don’t really mind where the cruise goes to as long as it’s not in pirate infested water, as it would be extremely difficult to explain that drugs are a big thing in my life. I don’t think they would have the time of day for Parky.
I thought I would just have a sneak at prices, don’t the cruise company’s know that there are a lot of single passengers, I know Parky goes with me 24 7 but I don’t want to pay for him. He doesn’t need his own bed, or come to think of it he won’t be partaking of any food, in fact if he gets really annoying neither will I.

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