Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Imagine a cinema of your childhood that is tucked away in the woods. A place where on cold wet days you can hang your coat on a peg over the radiator.
The building is a large hut, and when someone big takes their seat it ends up like musical chairs as lots of people who now have their view blocked try to move along the row, some people moved several times. It was a bit like a Mexican wave. I just asked the guy in front of me to cuddle up to his girlfriend, so that he left a nice gap for me to see and I'm sure they were pleased.
The film was stopped half way through so that we could get our ice creams, and I'm sure Parky was pleased as I was able to take my pills.
Then up popped the organ, just like it did at many a seaside theatre many years ago, all the old favourites were played, but not "I do like to be beside the seaside" and I was half waiting for it.
So where was I?
The Kinema in the Woods at Woodhall Spa, thats in Lincolnshire. They have added a second screen since last I went so it must be successful.
The film I went to see was the Kings Speech, so not only a good Venue but an excellent film.

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