Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Parky A Dog?

Today we have celebrated my mother’s 88th Birthday by going out for a meal. In fact she did very well, as we lunched out and then ate out this evening at our local golf course hotel.
If we can’t find anything to give her for a present we can always feed her. She must be all of seven and a half stone dripping wet and even the waiter commented on the fact that her plate was clear.
She always insists on a desert as to her a meal is not a meal without a pudding. Even when eating with one of her family she ask outright what’s for afters while everyone else is still eating their main course.
Her Granddaughter asked her if she felt full to be told she doesn’t eat much all day, not sure if she remembers or not.
Her memory is failing and she must find it frustrating not to be able to remember who people are, though at times what she remembers is a bit selective. If she makes an appointment for the dog to go to the vets, I get her to ring me to remind me what time and day and she never fails, that’s because dogs are top priority.
Would she understand my Parky better if I told her he was a dog, now there’s a thing, perhaps it’s worth a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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