Friday, 14 January 2011


Well what a complete idiot, I have just found the mentions button on my twitter page, so now I have to admit that I have only just caught up with the lovely comments people have made.
Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to say such nice things, you must have thought that I was an ignorant …………………….. Person.
I have in front of me a cheque for £25 that I have won on UNITY the nation’s charity Lottery. I did it through Parkinson’s UK .
I have been on the Parkinson UK web site and found you the link to the lottery, and while I was on there I saw that they are asking for mobile phones and ink cartridges to raise money. Sounds good to me we get rid of clutter and help the environment at the same time as helping raise funds.

This I found on Unity site
PDS Reach £10,000
Parkinson's Disease Society have become the first charity to reach the £10,000 mark.  Since they joined Unity in the summer of 2007 they have raised over £10,000 and have amassed over 625 members who play every week.  Which is why they have raised this huge sum in just over a year.
Our congratulations go out to everybody at the Parkinson's Disease Sociey and well done to all who have put the time and effort in to reach this magic target.

I think this may be a while ago as it has the old logo


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