Thursday, 13 January 2011

Who’s got it?

Come on own up who has got my mobile phone charger, I have a phone that’s as dead as a Dodo and  I know that I put the charger somewhere safe.
I am sure I remember thinking to myself that’s a good place to keep it, so in that case it must be really easy to find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cancel that I have just been in the kitchen to see how my lunch is progressing and there it is sat in my fruit bowl, well to be fair it is right under a socket so maybe there is a bit of logic.
Now I have a dilemma do I leave it in the fruit bowl as the chances of me remembering are now quite good , or do I do the sensible thing  and put it back in my office?
If we are not looking for the phone charger perhaps we could look for the cardigan that I bought for my granddaughter before Christmas. I think somewhere in this bungalow is a black hole that sucks in the thing you are looking for, if I am lucky it will spit them back after a couple of days.
But just occasionally the hole must be in league with Parky and keeps me looking and looking and LOOKING.

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