Wednesday, 26 January 2011


This morning Parky and I went to a Zumba class followed by Pilates. I had thought that I had left him at home, but no he decided to come too. I managed for a while on my own but he had to put his ten pence worth in.
It was my arms and hands that were the problem, we were trying to do graceful actions and all I could see out the corner of my eye was this claw with the fingers half closed, I think Parky swopped mine with someone else as they sure as hell didn’t belong to me.
So I sat out the last part of Zumba and was rewarded with a bit better control for the Pilates, I like the gentleness of it, so relaxing after trying to get arms and legs going in the right direction.
Perhaps that is a lesson learned; go for restful exercise instead of trying to keep up with something that ends up being stressful.
Then again if I went on my Wii more I would be ready to do more action

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