Monday, 20 December 2010

Another Gadget

I have a new toy and I really really like it, yesterday my younger daughter and family brought my birthday present round and they could not have got me anything better.
It’s a DRILL I have already put a mirror on the wall, repositioned a shelf, and put my family tree up. I have one or two other ideas but I had better see how I get on.
It has a spare battery and all these amazing settings on it, I opted for hammer, well how easy was that?
Why didn’t we do woodwork at school when I was a girl, just think of all the things I could have made?
While my grandchildren were here I gave them their Christmas presents early as I know they will have plenty on the day and I wanted to see if they were alright.
I bought them all the same so I was a bit worried that I had made a mistake. My eldest is 12 the next one 5 and the youngest will be 2 in February. They had a Didicar each, and all three loved them. What a great Nanny I am.
Yellow for the eldest, Blue for my boy and Pink for Littlie, they came in flat pack of course, so with a bit of help from a strong Male friend I had them ready. I had a go on each of them as they were put together, I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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