Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Daughter Made me Cry

I have opened a package and had a lovely surprise, in it is a book called Me and My Mate Parky Volume 1.
It has my Skydive picture on the front, and on the first page is a foreward from my daughter, saying how proud of me she and her husband are.
Then it is full of my Blogs up to Nippy.
When you go to the last page there is a photo of my Dad and me, with the words keep on blogging, I of course cried.
Bum - just had a thought I wonder if this is a birthday pressie I have opened too soon.
On the 19th of this month I will reach the grand age of 63, so have I spoiled a surprise.
I will tell her that it wasn’t me who opened it but Parky, he definitely wanted to know what was in the package. Do you think I can manage to get away with that?????????????????   

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