Friday, 24 December 2010

Parky Hates Spacebags

Have you noticed those adverts for Space bags, those are the ones that with the air taken out they take up less space.
It’s really clever you are shown a full bag and they open it up and out comes duvets, pillows, cuddly toys, jumpers, and anything else that can have the air removed, but they never show them being filled.
I have just had a fight with a spare duvet, and Parky is no help what so ever!
It took me ages to get it in the bag; I was laid on the floor pinning the duvet to the ground while trying to ease it into the bag. My next fight was with the top trying to get it to match up. That done I got the vacuum sweeper out and attached the hose to the sucky out bit on the bag. After spending quite a time sucking air out I realised I had a hole in the bag.
Do I now start all over again, not if I can con someone else into doing it, wish I knew the makers I could ask for a demo?

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