Thursday, 23 December 2010

My Rock

It’s the first Christmas without my lovely Dad. He was an incredible person and has left a big hole in the family. He knew everything (so he said) and was never stuck for an opinion on anything. He would have put the world right given half a chance.
His love for my Mother was awe inspiring, they always walked hand in hand, he never liked it if she was away, and his whole life was geared to her. When he died they had been married 63 years, just imagine all that time with one person.
I have been so lucky to have him as my Dad; he has been my rock at times of extreme stress. I don’t think he understood my Parkinson’s or the affect his illness had on me and there were times when I stayed away as I found it hard to cope.
Parky has been less visible since he died, I expect that is because I am not waiting for bad news all the time
We both knew that we had a special bond. It was really nice that on his last good day while we were on our own we were able to tell each other how we felt.

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