Sunday, 19 December 2010

Today I am 63.

Happy Birthday to me.
So I now don’t know if any of the daft things I do are because of my age or because of Parky. My mum has often said that I am going through a funny age, but I am sure she has said this all my life.
I don’t think I look any older but then it’s not wise to spend too much time in front of a mirror. My hair has been white for years so you can say I have aged into it.
My day is planned out and for once I am up and dressed, instead of walking about in my dressing gown until lunch time
I am waiting for daughter and grandchildren to arrive, then out with Mum for lunch.
This evening I am having a Wii party. I think I had better sort out what games I’m good at so that Parky doesn’t come out to play.

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  1. Happy Birthday~ wishing you lively JOY!