Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Paying Bills

I have decided that it’s time I sorted out what comes in and what goes out, that’s money I mean. No sign of either a lottery win or a payout on my premium bonds, so that’s it will have to stop spending (Yuck)
First I have sorted my gas and electric out, I did have them with Marks and Spencer’s, but the tariff has gone up and for the sake of M and S vouchers it isn’t worth my while. Besides that our local store is closing down, we are gutted, they say that they are not making a profit. I bet they would if they made it into a food hall.
Next I want to sort out internet and TV, See I am on a role.
I know that I have spent far too much over the last few years; I want to know if Parky is to blame, is it the medication I am on do you think?
I go from not caring to worrying in a matter of minuets. I will stick my head in the sand for a little while longer.
Hey just had an inspiration now I have a drill perhaps I could make things to sell, watch this space.

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