Sunday, 5 December 2010

Train for York

It looks like my trip to York is on tomorrow; I had better get a bit more organised than I have been. I have the gifts wrapped and the bag hanging on the front door. I have my lift to the station booked, better put my pills with them now while I think about it. I would be in a heck of a fix if I forgot them.
 Now that didn’t take long.
I went into the kitchen to get the pills, pots still on the side so filled the dishwasher (also known as the magic cupboard). Looked for something to put a drink in to take pills with on the go, no luck - will have to get something on way to station.
Came back to the computer and saw my train tickets so thought I had better put them with pills, do you get the drift? And I really have no idea what to wear in the morning.
I bet the trains will be cold so something warm to travel in, then when we hit the shops it will be red hot so that you have to lug your coat with you.
When I need my purse I have the added bonus of Parky who finds it great to make me look stupid. While I am trying to get either my money or my credit card out he just stops my fingers working. I have decided to go for a small rucksack  and hope that I won’t look as if I am on safari, well it is lepard pattern!

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