Thursday, 16 December 2010


This lady is great
Click on the link and watch the video,
I hope that I can be as amusing as her, while dealing with My Mate Parky.
Who cares if the decorating doesn’t get done, if the room is a mess so long as we can laugh? I am terrible I often see the funny side of life when others look on stony faced, and that is inclined to make me giggle even more.
I would rather watch a comedy than something meaningful and dull. I have a very young taste in entertainment. My Granddaughter has lent me some of her D.V.D’s she’s a treasure, I have watched Shrek so you can see the sort of thing I like. I did once go to the cinema on my own to see Jungle Book, I was asked later if I had enjoyed the film as I had been recognised by my laugh.
101 Dalmatians where Cruela DeVil ends up in gunk absolutely made me laugh until I cried.
I think we should have a News Paper that only tells us the good things that happen, no doom and gloom allowed. The whole aim of it would be to bring joy to all.

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