Friday, 31 December 2010

Did I Party?

You bet your life I did, but the dancing was a bit disappointing, I was ready to give it my all, but alas only one night out of the three was I able to Strut my stuff.
I will have to think on a different slant for the future as I sat with my feet tapping and no one wanting to dance.
What’s the matter with every one? Dancing is the best form of exercise you can get, come on wake up to the music.
I had one night when I really went for it, I danced until everyone else on the floor gave up and I am sure no one there knew Parky existed.
Maybe that’s why the next night no one moved, it must be that I am such a good mover that no one wanted to look an idiot dancing at the side of me.
I stayed at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, which must have been a very upmarket in its time. Seems a shame that the bedrooms are so hot that we had to resort to leaving the bedroom window open all night to make it cool enough to sleep.
The lifts or lack of them caused a great talking point, who had ridden up and down several times as they found it difficult to get to the floor they wanted, and those who were late for their meals as they had stood waiting outside the lift getting more and more irate.
I had my usual discussion about getting a sharp knife to cut my food; you have to ask any and every waiter or waitress. That way you give everyone the opportunity to come up trumps, and perhaps run a book on who will manage get you one first.
Tonight I will be going to the local pub to celebrate the end of 2010 and to see in 2011, so now I am going to snuggle down on the settee and watch T.V. and maybe have a cat nap then with a bit of luck I may be able to nip out minus Parky.

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