Friday, 10 December 2010

Dancing Queen

I am going away for what is called a Twixmas break. That means I go between Christmas and New Year, I am really looking forward to it as its time I reverted to the party animal that is locked away inside of me.
I am going to put on my glad rags, and who knows maybe I will dance the night away. I will try to be good and take my pills on time so that Parky will forget to stop my enjoyment.
I may have a few glasses of wine and indulge my desire for chocolate (bet you wondered what was coming)
But don’t tell anyone that the posh frocks I am taking with me are my charity shop bargains, in fact I have been to a Christmas dinner today and I have one on now, a little number in red.
My brother's ex wife is going with me, we have always been like sisters, so look out Twixmas, you haven’t seen anything yet.
I would tell you where we are going, but I can make an idiot of myself without the help of others!

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