Monday, 8 November 2010


This is amazing; I can’t believe how many people have viewed my blog, with this inspiration I have to carry on.
I blame my daughter as she has been working as my P.A. I think she is hoping that I become so famous that I will be spotted in shops on one of my spending sprees thus helping to save a bit of her inheritance (absolutely no chance).
I blame Parky for getting me to shop, before he came along I was much wiser when spending, in fact I could be a bit of a miser.
Now I just think to hell with it what’s money for anyway, and hope the lotto or a few premium bonds will provide for my old age. I don’t for a minute think I will be able to sell my body, and failing that I will threaten to live with my children, should be alright for a holiday or two while they try to escape my clutches.
So I am asking myself if the medication that I am on is the cause of my empty bank account, and if so can the drug company help me by slipping me a few quid so that I can carry on spending. That’s reasonable don’t you think?
I have donated my brain to Parkinson’s research; mind you I am not intending that they take it for a long time. I want it to be empty of my blogs and I think that could take a while as they seem to be queuing up to escape.
I must organise myself, so that my bright ideas don’t disappear and only rubbish is left, will have to get a pen and paper by my bed, I seem to be thinking BLOG most of the time.

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